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Poster: c-freedom Date: May 8, 2019 9:58pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: GDTRFB

Well posting to myself is less than ideal but I just got back from seeing Hillsong United at a 8,000 seat minor league hockey arena.
My 1st time seeing this band live and wow did they rock out. I saw the movie they put out a few years ago but I was in no way prepared for how tight this band is.
I was extremely surprised to see some serious hippie style dancing.
(We all levitated a portion of the roof at one point.)
Only sound comparison that comes to mind is when Bob Marley would sing Punky Reggae party and they would all ride the "new wave, new craze" lyric.
Talked to one of the Event Staff and he was saying how this was the perfect size arena for this concert.
It truly was!
Only knock is I would have preferred more bible quotes and a little less personal testimony between tunes.
But not saying the brother wasn't sincere -just I have found way more power in Scripture than in anything that I might say into a mic.
The lyrics themselves are somewhat cryptic like 'another in the fire' which probably refers to the Angel of the Lord in the fiery furnace in the days of Nebby K.but I wondered if 'another in the water' referred to Peter walking with Jesus on the water or again the Angel of the Lord walking with Moses thru the Red Sea.
And if I haven't stated it before Taya has one of the absolute most soulful voices ever. and she is not even the focal point of the band.
They gave me a CD of the new album UNITED when I bought advanced tickets thru Ticketmaster but that hardly even begins to captures the full sound of this 10 member collective ,
If you get the chance > see this band (tour dates previously posted)
-----Christ Freedom